Our Services

We provide a range of services to support your business. If you need something that is not listed please get in touch, we may still be able to help you.

Accounting & Reporting

We offer an outsourced accounting function that complements your existing team and provides additional services to meet your business requirements. We provide critical information necessary to run your business – and we ensure that your monthly bookkeeping and reporting functions are properly resourced.   

When you work with us, the service you receive is unique to you and your business. Whether you need assistance in preparing management reports, or you want to outsource your monthly bookkeeping and reporting functions, our team is committed to providing the right level of support.

We offer expertise that includes: 

  • ensuring you remain compliant with local statutory compliance requirements
  • compiling reports for monthly deadlines
  • accurate internal and external reporting

Our services   

A full range of accounting and reporting services, including: 

  • business set-up
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • VAT – compilation, completion and submission
  • Monthly Maintenance of cash books
  • PAYE
  • Payroll
  • Bi-Annual and annual Emp 501 recons with IRP5 and IT3 generated
  • Statutory financial statements and related services; 
  • Management reporting
  • Tax planning
  • Independent review and compilation
  • Cost accounting


Financing is a valuable tool for every business. It can help drive growth by funding projects, acquisitions or strategic developments, or simply assist with day-to-day working capital.

However, the world of financing is becoming increasingly complex, with new financing instruments appearing on the market daily. Our specialists can provide you with practical and tailored advice to help you understand secure and manage financing solutions, which work for your business and help you and your business achieve your goals and growth.

At Speedacc, we understand the world of financing and the important role it plays for business. We offer a collaborative approach whereby we mobilise experts across the full range of technical disciplines and sectors to ensure you have a tailor-made solution to meet your financing needs.

We will work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and provide advice tailored to your business requirements and ways of working. You may be seeking to refinance debt, raise funds from investment partners, finance an infrastructure project or increase fleet capacity or may just require increased working capital for day-to-day operations. No matter your need, we can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to help ensure a successful outcome. With local market knowledge, our focus is on delivering solutions that support your business strategy and needs.

Our Advice

We offer advice across a wide spectrum of financing solutions to suite your needs including:

  • capital markets
  • debt advisory
  • vehicle and assets finance
  • property finance both residential and commercial
  • infrastructure finance
  • valuations
  • IDC
  • private financing houses

Tax Compliance

Ensuring businesses are tax compliant is an increasingly heavy burden. Tax laws are getting more complex, and authorities are demanding increased reporting in their search for non-compliance. Yet precise compliance is vital, not only to prevent fines and penalties but also to avoid triggering audits and investigations.

All businesses face increasingly complex tax rules, greater scrutiny from tax authorities, and a bigger obligation to ensure compliance with complex laws brought about by the introduction of the Tax Administration Act. We have the resources and local knowledge to handle the most obscure, difficult and challenging tax compliance requirements efficiently and successfully.  

Our services 

We can offer help across all aspects of tax compliance, including: 

  • VAT & indirect tax compliance
  • Corporate tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Support with tax authorities’ audit
  • Strategic compliance advice
  • ADR process post tax audit both via objections and appeals process
  • Deferred payment plan applications
  • Compromise application and negotiations with SARS
  • Highly complex tax penalties and fines resolution

Dispute Resolution

The introduction of the Tax Administration Act of 2011 gave SARS an increased scope and created a specialised need for a tax consultancy to be able to assist businesses to resolve and challenge the audit findings to ensure that no prejudice is suffered by the business post a SARS audit.

At Speedacc, we understand the audit process and the rights of the taxpayer afforded by the Tax Administration Act and The Constitution of South Africa. This plays a very important role for business in resolving the huge penalties and/or fines imposed on businesses post a tax audit by SARS.

With our vast experience in this field having handled many complex dispute resolutions over the last several years coupled with our network of legal experts we have available to us we are able to assist business overcome this complex hurdle .  No matter your need, we can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to help ensure a successful outcome.

Our services 

  • Audits, investigations and queries
  • Ensuring taxpayers’ rights are upheld
  • Notices of objection
  • Lodging appeals
  • Managing tax litigation
  • Settling disputes with tax authorities
  • Utilising alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation
  • Deferred payment plan applications
  • Compromise application and negotiations with SARS
  • Highly Complex tax penalties and fines resolution applications


Payroll legislation is a highly complex area. With rules and policies so often in flux, processing payroll in-house is often costly and inefficient. Our team offers a flexible way of managing your payroll requirements.   

Outsourcing your payroll functions can improve accuracy, efficiency and security. With differing rules and regulations in each industry, it can be challenging to manage these functions internally. Our experienced professionals work closely with our clients to simplify processes and improve performance in individual ways suited to their specific circumstances. 

At Speedacc, our payroll services are designed to meet the requirements of companies that are seeking a consistent and reliable service that is scalable and flexible. We recognise that the business workforce has myriad HR needs and, above all wants to know that they will be accurately paid on time. Your company will benefit from a single point of contact who will work seamlessly with your team to deliver results that are right for your workforce. 

Our services:

  • Tax reconciliations
  • IRP5 requirements
  • audit reports
  • salaries administration
  • remuneration restructuring and advisory services
  • advice on remuneration structuring
  • general employment law advice
  • advice on/production of employment contracts
  • salaries or payroll outsourcing and benchmarking

We also manage all communication with SARS, UIF, and WCA departments with a specialised knowledge of current legislation and changes in procedures that the business manager generally does not have time to keep abreast of.

Our payroll services include:

  • PAYE, UIF and SDL registration
  •  printed payslips for all staff
  • all calculations of PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • electronic filing of IRP5 reconciliations
  • facility to import/export payroll data to Excel/CSV
  • flexible deadlines for submitting payroll information


B-BEE is a government initiative to promote economic transformation in order to enable meaningful participation in the economy by black people. Essentially, the practical working of broad-based BEE (B-BBEE) requires a business to ensure that it measures its broad-based BEE empowerment status based on the Amended Codes of Good Practice.

The broad-based BEE Status of an entity is measured across five elements of ownership management control, skills development, supplier and enterprise development, and socio-economic development.

There are three qualifying thresholds for businesses to determine the basis of measurement to be used in determining their broad-based BEE Scorecard status and recognition level.

 The B-BBEE Scorecard is made up of the following elements:

  1. Ownership – measures the black ownership of the entity.
  2. Management Control – measures the effective governance and management control of entities by black people.
  3. Skills Development – measures the training and development of black people through specific types of learning programmes and learnerships, which qualify when claiming points on the skills development scorecard.
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development – measures procurement spend from BEE suppliers, as well as Supplier Development and Enterprise Development contributions to EME and QSE beneficiary entities that are at least 51% black owned; contributing to their development, sustainability, and financial and operational independence.
  5. Socio Economic Development – measures contributions contributing to socio-economic development.

 Our B-BBEE Service Offering

  • B-BBEE Verification – SME (Exempted Micro Enterprise)
  • B-BBEE Verification – QSE Score card verification is handled by our network of strategic partners
  • B-BBEE Consulting

Will, Trust & Estates

Our Wills, Trusts and Estates services ensure that your assets are protected during your lifetime, while planning to prepare for your survivors after your death. We also advise you whenever new rules and legislation necessitate changes in your affairs. It is our belief and practice that this planning must be adapted regularly to counter any personal and legislative changes.

None of us likes to think about death. However, knowing that our dependants are as financially secure as possible does assure us that we have planned for the inevitable. Effective estate planning need not be complicated, although arranging it as early as possible is always advisable. We can advise you on how to make your estate as tax efficient as possible.


We can help you to set up a trust and administer it into the future. We are always available to assist you where changing legislation requires you to make amendments.

Our Estates & Trusts Department, through our in house attorney as well as strategic partnerships with various well-established and recognised attorney firms, handles:

  • Winding up of deceased estates
  • Administration of testamentary and inter vivos trusts
  • Preparation of wills and deeds of trust
  • Advice on estate planning
  • Administration of clients’ personal affairs
  • Preparation of clients’ income tax returns
  • Preparation of ante-nuptial contracts

Company Secretarial

Meeting regulatory, legal and entity governance obligations is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Ensuring compliance is a priority for all companies, but it can put a strain on your resources. Our secretarial team can manage all your compliance requirements.

Companies that are able to keep up with their statutory compliance obligations often benefit from improved performance and are able to better control procedures and processes in their business. Secretarial support can be critical to reducing risks and limiting exposure to the costs of compliance default, such as fines, prosecution, or director disqualifications. 

Speedacc secretarial team take care of every aspect of your corporate secretarial requirements. We take pride in the knowledge that by helping you stay compliant; we play a part in helping you grow your business.

Our services

  • registration processes
  • maintaining statutory registers
  • entity winding-up process
  • company secretary advisory
  • registration of companies and incorporations
  • setup of stokvels and co-operatives
  • forming companies and CCs
  • off-the-shelf companies and CCs
  • company liquidations
  • changing directors of companies and members of CCs
  • company and CC conversions
  • changing company and CC names
  • submission of company annual returns
  • registration of external companies
  • restoration of de-registered companies and CC
  • de-registration of companies and CC
  • making changes to Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • preparing documents to effect share transfers and allotment of shares
  • taking care of the routine maintenance of statutory registers and dealing with returns to the Registrar of Companies
  • change of financial year-ends
  • company secretarial audits
  • registration of changes to trustees of trusts

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